Margarete Naumann, a very special woman.

She was born in 1881 in Chemnitz and died in 1946 in Hannover. She experienced the victory of the loom machines and thereby the recession of the textile cottage industry in the Erzgebirge. She felt summoned to help the suffering people.

Margarete Naumann

As she was an artisan she believed that an interesting new technique of handicraft could possibly gain public attention and attract new markets. At the same time she thought it important to encourage the creative power of the outworkers. That is why she invented the Margarete Lace, as well as a technique of design where paper objects of art were produced, that were very special and novel in those days. One didn't only create aesthetically beautifull objects, but also transparents, costumes for theatre performances, décors for celebrations and lots of Christmas decorations.

After her time in Plauen she taught arts & crafts for 2 years in Magdeburg. Then she worked for her own expenses and lectured, held courses and parted in exhibitions. Several influential women supported her efforts. She was writing a book "Lectures of design", that was to show her intentions to the public. Alas, this manuscript was burned during the 2nd world war and Margarete Naumann died shortly after the war.

That is why we 'll only find just a few specimens of her work in some museums, illustrations in old magazines and Christmas decorations in the families of her students as witness of the very creative life of this woman.

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Translation: Sigrid Loock, Helmstedt

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