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How did the "Margaret's lace" return back to life?


I saw the name Margarete Naumann in old crafts-magazines of my mother and I knew she had to be an interesting person.

When the "German lace-making Union" planned a publication of lace-designers of the beginning of our century I told them not to forget Margarete Naumann. "Don't you want to write about her?" I was asked. That was the beginning of my still lasting interest for this subject. The book was published under the name "Laces of the 20th century - 1900-1950" in spring 1995 at the "German lace-making Union"

My work started with finding laces and other objects still in good condition and to take a look at them. After that I searched for written evidences of Margarete Naumann and about her as well as about her life-work. In addition I tried to become acquainted with people who have known her or who have had relations to her by her parents or her relations. All this was very interesting and I got many contacts to people. To many of these people I still have contact.

There are "Margaret's laces" in the "Vogtlandmuseum" in Plauen, in the "Grassi-Museum" in Leipzig and in the "Württembergischen Landesmuseum" in Stuttgart. Besides that the "Vogtlandmuseum" in Plauen organised an exhibition about this subject and also printed a catalogue.

I had the opportunity to take a detailed look at the laces and to photograph them. I have copied a lot of them and I now try to make this technique popular again. I write articles about it, give lectures, demonstrate this craft and lead courses.


Translation: Gabriele Tippel, Gifhorn

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