The "Margaret's lace"

"Margaret's lace" is a fine knot-lace. Trimming-laces, Motifs for blouses and pullovers, window-pictures, earrings, Christmas- and Easter-decorations and more arise from simple loop-knots. Flowers and figures in clear relief are also possible.

This lace was developed by the worker in arts and crafts Margarete Naumann (1881 - 1946). Between 1914 and 1925 she taught this technique in the "Staatliche Kunstschule für Textilindustrie" in Plauen/Vogtland. Her principle was not to work the motifs after existing models but to create them freely after special subjects again and again. She wanted to develop and to insert the creating power of her students. In her classes you had to absolve a ground-course in which you learned about the technical methods and fashioning. Unfortunately Margarete Naumann never published instructions for working.

When you look at laces in good condition or pictures of old magazines, you can recognize that continuous laces normally are worked across to their along-direction. The single reports interlock more or less and get their bindings that way. There are floral or geometric motifs. Often you can find human figures single or in connection with other elements. The principle of string-bundling is a technical speciality. The results of bundling and undoing of single or multiple strings can be very interesting. You work on a flat lace pillow, which is covered with a screen of lines (for example with millimetre paper).


Pins hold the work in form. As thread you can use linen, cotton and also silk. The thread must be smooth and inelastic. You can also use a good crotchet threat.


Translation: Gabriele Tippel, Gifhorn

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